Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello all you lovely people,

As previously advertised, I've decided to write a blog while I'm in Chile. I'm so excited to be able to share my cultural experience with all of you! A couple quick things I want to include in each post:

1) I want to keep it REAL in this blog. I refuse to partake in any censorship of content or emotion. Freedom of the press, baby.

2) I want to do a "shout out" at the end of each entry; basically a quick tid bit addressed to one of you guys, maybe about something in Chile that reminded me of you, etc. Of course I'll think of you all everyday because you are all wonderful and great but this way it makes the blog a bit more personal and you all have more of an incentive to read it. I mean...what?

So, 12 days and counting. I need to hop on the bandwagon and get my life together, probably starting with the state of my room. It's probably unacceptable that still have papers and pictures from high school scattered around my carpet, buried by containers of cleaning supplies from college. How ironic.

Currently I'm feeling pretty tranquil, yet that seems to change by the hour, so you've all caught me at a good time. There's so much to do, people to see, and the idea of saying goodbye to everything familiar to me for the rest of 2010 is more than remotely terrifying. But there is a good amount of excitement pounding through my veins and I know it will be great once I get there. I just have to, you know, get to that point.

My first shout out goes to Amy Miller who gave me great advice on purchasing a hiking backpack. I went for the Osprey, it baby blue and glorious!

Serenity now,


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