Saturday, June 26, 2010

A couple quick anecdotes from dinner last night

So in the craziness of the day and the fact that I was sleep deprived, I forgot to give you all the entertaining details of dinner and I guess just life here in general, because clearly I know so much with my one day of experience. Anyways, this is a special second post (within the last twelve hours) but don't get used to this many updates so fast. But, my host mom is currently taking her English lessons so I have bit of time.

So, last night, after I had napped (or rather, gotten half a night's sleep) and showered, Marisol told me that we were leaving in about ten minutes. I assumed this meant we were going to run errands but when I asked her what store we were going to in the car, she told me that we were going out for dinner with people in the program, did I not remember when she told me this thirty minutes ago? Guess it slipped through the cracks.

Let me just say that, in general, we will be eating at home and for that I am glad because being in a restaurant and simply trying to order food proved to be extremely challenging. I basically just took advice from my host mom and ended up eating bread with butter and salsa (surprisingly good), "logos" as an appetizer (apparently this is a type of mussel or clam possibly? They said it was a shell fish but the meat wasn't slimey but rather tough so I still have no idea what I ate), one empanada which was delightful, and "lomo de pobre" for dinner. My host mom told me that it is a Chilean specialty so I figured I might as well try it. Turns out "lomo" is a word for steak I had not learned (I'm not a big meat eater and this was probably my first time ordering steak in a restaurant in my life) and it was half the size of the plate with eggs on top of it! Nowhere did they mention "huevos" but still they came with the meal, with a side of onions and french fries. At this point I was already very full and feeling a bit off due to all the travelling but I politely picked at the steak and ended up taking it home as leftovers.

The conversation during dinner was at first a bit awkward but someone brought up the topic of movies and then everyone got chatty very fast. It turns out that Jim Carey is a beloved actor in Chile, the host moms all raved about him, saying he was so funny and attractive (who knew?). In addition they drooled over Nicholas Cage, citing his (what they referred to as) excellent performance in Ghost Rider.

My shout-out goes to Dr. Finneran for convincing me to buy a wool sweater in Ireland. It is SO cold here that I am currently wearing it over a t-shirt and a sweatshirt and can say that I am comfortable but nowhere near feeling too hot to take it off. To put this in perspective, in the US, even in the winter, I can only wear this sweater for twenty minutes until I am soaked in sweat.

Peace, Love and Ace Ventura Pet Detective,


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